Corrales Soccer Club 
Fall 2021 and Spring 2022

Elite Corrales Division

The Elite Corrales Division is a tryout based elite player division. These players will practice 2-4 times a week. Have additional skills training opportunities and participate in the Duke City Soccer League for games on Saturdays. These teams may also participate in tournaments and even travel tournaments. 

If interested in this division please contact one of the directors or the coaches below. 

Elite Corrales Coaching Directors

Director of Coaching

Anthony Bravo

(USSF C License, Former St. Pius Head Coach, 38 Years of Coaching Experience)

Executive Director

Michael Posen

(USSF D License, NSCAA Director of Coaching License, Olympic Development Program Staff Coach) 

Staff Coach 

Steve Famiglietta

(USSF A License (41 Years of Coaching Experience , USL Hall Of Fame President's Selection, 2X USL Player of the Year, 3X USL All Star Team Player, Current NM Runners MASL Pro Team Head Coach)

Elite FC Director

Dennis Genas

 (England Advanced License, USSF A License, Former Pro Finland) 

Elite Corrales Teams 2021
Boys Teams

Elite Corrales Chiles (2013)

Head Coach Steven Hashagen

Elite Corrales Crocodiles (2012)

Head Coach Sergio Pena at 505-489-4653

Elite Corrales Coyotes (2011)

Head Coach Anthony Bravo

Elite Corrales Copperheads (2010)

Head Coach Omar Tatari

Elite Corrales Cobras (2009)

Head Coach Sergio Pena at 505-489-4653

Elite Corrales Chromium (2006-2007) 

Head Coach Joe Aguirre

Elite Corrales Cowboys (2003-2004)
Head Coach Anthony Sanchez at